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Psychological Area of Specialization
Therapy / Counsulting
Member Name Practice Name Phone Email Specialization
Cahn, Glenn

Glenn E. Cahn, PhD PLLC

(910) 332-4134

Psychological and neuropsychological testing. Ages from 6 years through geriatrics. Including for ADHD, learning disability, Asperger's,

Davis, Kitty

Catherine Davis, LPA

(910) 612-9004

Dual Diagnosis, trauma/PTSD, gay/lesbian, illness/grief, spirituality.

Gallan, Arlene

Arlene Georgia Gallan, PhD, PLLC

(910) 815-3535

Affective disorders, substance abuse, trauma.

Ibsen, Catherine

Carolina Counseling Center

(910) 763-9512

Adult, individual, family, marital. Treatment for depression, anxiety, anger management, gay/lesbian issues, substance abuse issues.

Broadwater, Kelly

Chrysalis Center for Counseling & Eating Disorder Treatment

(910) 790-9500

Eating disorders, bariatrics, trauma, anxiety, depression, women’s issues. Adolescents ages 10 and up, and adults.

Puente, Antonio

(910) 509-9371

Clinical neuropsychology.

Buongiorno, Jane

(910) 256-5070

Children, adolescent, adult, marital/family, child play therapy, ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders.

Hanson, Denise

Mind Matters

(910) 792-5570

Therapy with children, adolescents, ADHD, parenting. Assessment of children and adolescents, psycho educational and neuropsychological, p

Grotsky, Howard

Human Growth and Training

(910) 791-5719

Family/Marital, Children and adolescents (5-18), adult therapy, Forensic psychology, Psychological assessments, ADHD, PTSD.

Bradley, Michael

Carolina Counseling Center

(910) 762-9083

Therapy and assessment with children, adolescents, adults, and couples Special interest in ADHD/LD, Parenting, and Stress Management

Sharp, Phillip

Dr. Phillip Sharp, Psychologist

(910) 313-0460

Addictions, ACOA, Codependency, Adolescents, Adults, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Careers, Faith-based counseling, Fears, Learning Disabil

Demis Gill, Tina

Behavioral Consulting, Inc.

(910) 619-1200

Autism, Asperger's syndrome, behavioral issues, parent training

Mates, Tom

Mates Psychological Services

(910) 256-6163

Autism, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, adolescent adjustment, family conflict, ADHD, Learning Disabilities

St. John, Jane

Delta Behavioral Health

(910) 343-6890

Specializing in partial hospitalization and substance abuse intensive outpatient programs using a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) appr

Baldwin, Ph.D, Bruce A.

Baldwin Psychological, PA


Marital counseling, infidelity, premarital counseling, adolescent issues, parenting, anxiety, occupational issues, grief, depression, div

Owen, Douglas

(910) 792-9888

Adolescence through late adulthood (pre-geriatrics). Couple’s counseling, anger management, communication skills between partners or betw

Brown, Patricia ('Trish')

Patricia Brown, LPA, LPC, PC

(910) 791-5719

Children, adoldescents, young adults, adults to age 60, couples and families.

THEORETICAL ORIENTATIONS: Family Systems, and Client

Klitsch, Eileen

Eileen Schanel Klitsch, Ph.D.

(910) 880-0167

Child, adolescent, ADHD, cognitive behavioral, family, trauma victims

Godin, Mary

Anchor Psychological & Counseling Services PLLC

(910) 270-9995

ADHD, anxiety, Depression, autism, trauma/ptsd, cognitive behavioral.

Gold, Yael

(910) 799-6162

anxiety, depression, eating disorders, compulsive easting, sexual, emotional, and physical trauma.

Swanstrom, Nova

Delta Behavioral Health

(910) 343-6890

Personality difficulties

Psychotic difficulties

Mood difficulties

Trauma, grief, anxiety

Sexuality and gender

Bolen McGrew, MA, LPA, LCAS-A, Kim

Kimberly Bolen, PLLC

(910) 512-2890

Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Mood Instability, Relationship Issues, Stress Management, College Issues, Life Transitions, Substance Abus

Savard, Chris

Cape Fear Psychological

910 763 8134

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

Psychological Testing

Klem, Shi

Shi N. Klem, LLC @Delta Behavioral Health


Individual Therapy w/ Adults with: PTSD/Trauma, Mood Disorders, Women's Issues, Borderline Personality D/O, Substance Abuse Treatmen

Hook, Ph.D., Christine



Butler, Catherine

The Healing Partnership

(910) 833-8370

Adolescent, Adult, Anxiety, Cancer Support, Couples, Depression Family/Marital, Gay/Lesbian, Groups, Illness/Grief, Individual, Personal

Ain, Marilyn

Psychological Consultation Services



Ingram, Lynn

Lynn Ingram, MA, LPA


I work with individuals who have difficulties with depression, anxiety, bereavement, anger, adjustment to positive or negative life chang

Kalnen, Deborah

Family Works Psychological Center, PLLC


Adult individual psychotherapy, Mood Disorders, Substance Abuse

Taylor, Deborah J.

Deborah J. Taylor, Psy.D.

910 769-3660

Depression, Perinatal and Postpartum Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Geriatric, Grief and Loss, PTSD, Trauma, Sexual

Kirk, Karen

Cape Fear Developmental Therapies, PLLC


Specializations: Children and Adolescents (ages 2-22)

Brantley, Amber

Coastal Autism Solutions, P.C.

(919) 630-8764

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Martin, Suzanne



Adult and adolescent therapy, miliary psychology, PTSD, TBI

Hartman, Eric


Children and adolescents

Berth, Diane

Berth Behavior Consultation


Specializations: Applied Behavior Analysis for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and autism.

Johnstone, Jason

Hickey, PsyD, Megan


Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Turama, Autism 

Galarza-Hernandez, Aitza

Cape Fear Developmental Therapies



Testing: ADHD, ASD, Bilingual, Intellectual Disability/ID, Learning Disabilities, Educational


Bachmeyer-Lee, Melanie

Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health, PLLC


Center-based psychological services based in applied beh

Williams, Dustin


Butcher, Jessica


D'Angelo, Amanda

Willow Wellness



Long, Jody


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