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Public Categories

Professional Categories

The following individuals may be available to provide supervision to other psychologists for the Wilmington, NC region.

Name Address

Contact Info

(Preferred Means)

Specialty Areas
Dustin Williams, PhD


816 651 1750 Therapy for kids, adults, couples.  Testing for psychological, intellectual, disabilities, and neuropsychological.
Tara Ferguson, PhD

5004 Oleander Dr.

Wilmington, 28403

910 444 1837 Therapy for adults and adolescents (ages 13 on up), including anxiety, trauma recovery, eating disorders, general women's issues.
Denise Hanson, PsyD

4000 Independence Blvd.

Wilmington, 28412

910 796 7848 Child & adult therapy and testing

Len Lecci, PhD &

William Acree, PsyD

1241-A Military Cutoff Rd.

Wilmington, 28405

910 961 7262


Memory functioning in adults, and therapy for caregivers of patients with dementia

ONLY for UNCW practicum students

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