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The material offered below is meant to be informative and educational. It is intended only as a starting point for your further understanding of various issues.  However, it should not be used as a way to diagnose or treat the specific needs of any individual.  You should always seek professional help from a psychologist or other appropriate specialists, to address the personal issues you confront.

The information that is offered on this page is divided in to two categories: 'Professional' and 'Public.' The professional material can be viewed by anyone. However, it is intended for psychologists in practice, and is of a more technical nature. 

The Professional files directly below are offered as general advice on professional, legal and ethical matters. They are not the opinion of the Cape Fear Psychological Association, or its individual members. You should always consult an appropriate professional to help you further understand how such ethical, professional and legal standards may apply to the particulars of your own situation. If you do not have a PDF reader, a free copy of Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded.

The 'Public' Links  offered below are intended for everyone to use. No endorsement of their content is intended either, and their being offered here is only for educational and informational purposes.

Psychological Supervisors for Wilmington, NC region


Access & Barriers to Health Care for Veterans

Addictions & Neurofeedback - research for professionals

Adolescent brain development podcast

Aetna - Behavioral Health Provider Manual, 2013

Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Diagnosis - pocket guide

Alcohol Screening Questions (AUDIT)

Alcohol & Drugs, HIV & AIDS: Confidentiality

Anxiety & Neurofeedback - research for professionals


APA Ethics

APA Monitor

Autism: nutritional approaches to its treatment

Autism & Neurofeedback - research for professionals

New Developments in Autism Spectrum Disorders podcast

Best Practices Guidelines: ADHD (UBH)

Best Practices: Autism (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood Assessment (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood Bipolar (UBH)

Best Practices: Conduct Disorder (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood Custody Evaluations (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood Depression (UBH)

Best Practices: Eating Disorders (Magellan)

Best Practices: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Best Practices: Language & Learning Disabilities (UBH)

Best Practices: Major Depressive Disorder

Best Practices: Childhood Medication (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood OCD (UBH)

Best Practices: OCD (Magellan)

Best Practices: ODD (UBH)

Best Practices: Childhood PTSD (UBH)

Best Practices: Schizophrenia

Best Practices: Substance Abuse (Magellan)

Best Practices: Suicide (Magellan)

Best Practices: Assessing & Treating Suicidal Behaviors (Value Options)

Bipolar Disorder - Childhood Onset podcast

Blue Cross - Provider Manual 2008

Brain Injury: repetitive blows

Chart Documentation - administrative standards - Tricare

Chart Documentation Standards - UBH

Child Abuse: North Carolina law

Child & Adolescent Mental Health - national survey

Clinical Practice Guideline for Alcohol Abuse - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Bipolar in adults - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Childhood Bipolar Disorder - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Concussion/mTBI - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Major Depression - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Post-Deployment Health - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Schizophrenia - Tricare

Clinical Practice Guideline for Substance Abuse - Tricare

Columbia Suicidal Scale

Combat Exposure Scale - assessment of combat intensity in Gulf War veterans

Confidentiality Laws in NC for MH

CPT Codes: 2012/2013 Crosswalk (4 separate files)

CPT: Coding, Documentation & Billing for Psychological Services

Depression in the Elderly podcast

Depression & Neurofeedback - research for professionals

Depression Screening (PHQ-9; multiple languages available)

Domestic Violence: screening and resources (including shelters) app

Drug-Free Nutrient Therapy to Heal Brain Imbalances (powerpoint)

DSS in NC, by county

Edinburgh Post-Partum Depression Scale

Emailing clients - ethical considerations

Ethics - Development and Practice

Ethics & Practice Guidelines

Fear of Falling

Forensic Specialty Guidelines - APA 2011

Geriatric Dementia, Delirium & Depression podcast

Headaches: alternative treatments - nutraceuticals, behavioral & physical treatments

HIPAA Security - Computer files & email encryption software

Involuntary Hospitalizations: Mental illness and Dangerousness, rules

Long Term Outcomes of Iraq & Afghan Vets including for PTSD & TBI

Magellan - Practitioner Manual

Malpractice & Licensing Pitfalls - a defense attorney's list

Medicaid Billing - Rules & Regulations

Medicaid & NC HC Clinical Coverage Policy - 2013

Medicaid Electronic Billing Guidelines - 9/09

Military: free CE courses on various topics for providers (through AHEC)

Military PTSD: clinical recommendations for treating it

Minors: Definition, Confidentiality and Release of Information

National Provider ID -- on-line application

NC General Statutes (see #122C for MH, DD, and substance abuse laws)


NCPA Board & Contact Information

NC Psychology Licensing Board

OEF/OIF Deployments and Effects on Military Families

Peak Performance & Neurofeedback - research for professionals

Pediatric Symptom Checklist (screening tool of Mass. General Hospital)

Psychology Licensing Boards & Laws - North America

Psychology Regulations - North Carolina

PTSD Checklist - Gulf War Veterans

PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans, and more effective Tx'ments podcast

Record Keeping Requirements for NC Psychologists

Release of raw psychological testing data & related legal issues - Psych Corp's/Pearson's position

Release of raw psychological test data - The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Appendix to releasing raw test data, TCN

Screening, Assessment & Treatment of Iraq & Afghan Vets (including for PTSD & TBI)


Suicidal Risk

Suicidal Risk Assessment & Documentation

Suicide in Schools: Prevention, Intervention & Postvention - Maine's model

Tarasoff: Duty to Warn in North Carolina

TBI: 3 Question Screen for Gulf War Veterans

Teens & heavy use of electronic media - research by Kaiser Foundation

Tricare - Practitioner Manual

Tricare - Practitioner Treatment Record Review Tool

Tricare Provider Handbook: 2013-2014 (North region)

Tricare - Hx, MSE, & Tx Record Form guidelines

UBH Network Manual - 2011

Dot Mil Docs: military children coping with change podcast

Practice Guidelines for the Military: management of bipolar adults

Practice Guidelines for the Military: post deployment health evaluation

Practice Guidelines for the Military: PTSD management

Value Options Provider Handbook 2014-2015

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: PTSD & Substance Abuse

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: PTSD & Substance Abuse, part 2

Treating the Invisble Wounds of War: therapy for war-related trauma - 5 central principles podcast

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: treating female veterans of war podcast

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: welcoming home those who served & treating families podcast



AA Meetings - NC & SC region

ACoA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) Support Groups

A Guide to Addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, nicotine

Addictions & Neurofeedback as a form of Treatment - flyer

ADHD (attention deficit disorder)

ADHD App - for kids to use

ADHD App - for parents to use over medication

ADHD Article

ADHD podcast

ADHD - The Relief of Being Diagnosed podcast

ADHD - To Take Medication or Not podcast

ADHD - Is Your Medication Working? podcast

ADHD - Nontraditional Treatment separating the wheat from the chaff podcast

ADHD Children Outcome in Adulthood podcast (Russell Barkley)

Managing ADHD in Children podcast (Russell Barkley)

ADHD Students: transitioning to college podcast

"The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD" by John F. Taylor, PhD

"Taking Charge of ADHD: The complete, authoritative guide for parents" by Dr. Russell Barkley

"Healing ADD: The breakthrough program that allows you to see and heal the 6 types of ADD" Daniel Amen, M.D.

"Making the System Work for your Child with ADHD: how to cut through red tape and get what you need from doctors, teachers, schools and healthcare plans "  by Peter S. Jensen, M.D.

"ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life"  Judith Kohlberg, Kathleen Nadeau, PhD

"Smart but Scattered: boost any child's ability to get organized, resist impulses, stay focused..." Peg Dawson, EdD & Richard Guare, PhD

Aging: "Preventing Alzheimer's" by Drs. William Shankle and Daniel Amen


Al-Anon/Al-A-Teen Meetings in NC

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol's Impact on Your Health

Alcohol & Drug abuse: teaching kids about them

Get Your Loved One Sober with CRAFT podcast

10 Signs of Alcoholism podcast


The Alzheimer's Store

Anger Management podcast

Helping Children Manage Anger podcast

"What to do When Your Temper Flares: a kid's guide to overcoming problems with anger," by Dawn Huebner, PhD

Anxiety & Depression: "Healing Anxiety and Depression: The revolutionary brain based program that allows you to see and heal the 7 types of anxiety and depression", by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Asperger's Syndrome

"Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals" by Tony Atwood

"The Asperger's Answer Book: professional answers to 275 of the top questions parents ask" by Susan Ashley, PhD

Accuracy & Inaccuracy of Psychological Assessment

Understanding Psychological Assessment Scores

"When the Brain Can't Hear: unraveling the mystery of auditory processing disorder"  Teri James Bellis, PhD

Autism Myths

My Autism Team: social networking (activities, finding parents and providers, Q&A)

Autism - accepting the diagnosis podcast

Autism - detection of early warning signs

Autism Society - NC

"A parents guide to Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism" Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson

"More than words: helping parents promote communication & social skills in children with autism spectrum      disorder" Fern Sussman

"Navigating the social world" Jeanette McAfee

"Solving behavior problems in autism" Linda Hodgon

"Understanding the nature of autism" Janice Janzen

"Visual strategies for improving communication: practical supports for school and home" Linda Hodgon

Behavior problems in kids

Bereavement: talking to children about death podcast

Binge Eating

"Bipolar Disorder for Dummies" Candida Fink, MD

"The Bipolar Teen: what you can do to help your child & your family" David Miklowitz, PhD & Elizabeth George, PhD

"Borderline & Beyond: Workbook and Personal Journal, Revised" Laura Paxton

Boys and Risk Taking Behaviors podcast

Brain Function & Structure: "Mapping the Mind"   Rita Carter

Camps for Kids

"Messages: the communications skill book, 2nd edition" Matthew McKay, PhD, Martha Davis, PhD, Patrick Fanning

"How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk"  Faber & Mazlish

"Speak Up & Get Along: tools to make friends, stop teasing, and feel good about yourself" Scott Cooper

Concussion app: recognition and response for coaches & parents - Android

Concussion app: recognition and response for coaches & parents - Apple

Concussion: baseline & post-concussion evaluation

Concussion: a fact sheet for coaches

Concussion: Football vs. Car Accidents

Concussion: recovery from it and facts for parents

Concussion: animated video on deceleration injury of a TBI

Concussion: repetitive blows and CTE video


Conflict: "The Kids' Guide to Working out Conflicts - how to keep cool, stay safe, and get along" by Naomi Drew, M.A.

Corporal Punishment podcast

"The Girls' Guide to Guys: straight talk for teens on flirting, dating, breaking up, making Up, & finding true love"  Julie Taylor

"The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide: the real deal on girls, growing up, and other guy stuff" Jeremy Daldry

NC Dept. of Health & Human Services (including kids, families, older adults, health, Medicaid, Disability)

Depression podcast

Breaking the Patterns of Depression podcast

Families for Depression Awareness - signs of depression podcast

Depression as a Risk Factor Heart Disease podcast

"Winter Blues, Revised Edition" Norman Rosenthal

Winter Blues (seasonal affective disorder) podcast

Depression in Veterans podcast

"Help Me, I'm Sad: Recognizing, treating and preventing childhood and adolescent depression" David Fassler, M.D. and Lynne Dumas

"ASAP: ages, stages & phases - from infancy to adolescence" Patricia Fosarelli, M.D.

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

Disaster Distress Helpline (24/7: 800 985 5990, text "TalkWithUs' to 66746, or 'Hablanos' for Spanish)

Divorce podcast

"The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: letting go of conflict after a difficult divorce" Elizabeth Thayer, PhD and Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD

"Does Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's? Parenting Together while Living Apart" Marc Ackerman

"Why did you have to get a divorce? And when can I get a hamster? A guide to parenting through divorce" Anthony Wolf, PhD

Domestic Abuse podcast

Domestic Violence - North Carolina

Domestic Violence - National

Dr. Daniel Amen's brain research

Drug Abuse - Teens

Drug (legal & illegal) and alcohol abuse assistance guide


(Text)book recordings - for blind and dyslexics

Speech-to-text/text-to-speech software - for dyslexics

"The Gift of Dyslexia" by Ron Davis

"A Workbook for Dyslexia: systematically walk your child through the process of learning to read

and write, 2nd ed." by Cheryl Orlassino

Eating Disorders podcast

Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters podcast

Elder Abuse

Eldercare: resources for caregivers podcast

Eldercare: evaluating driving skills podcast

Eldercare: personal emergency response systems podcast

Elder Medication podcast

Eldercare: to move, or not podcast


EMDR podcast

EMDR podcast, #2


Epilepsy: out of the shadows podcast

"Epilepsy: patient & family guide, 3rd edition" Orrin Devinsky, M.D.

Estate Planning for your Aging Parents podcast

"The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes & the Civilized Mind" Elkhonon Goldberg


Exercise & the Brain: health; cognitive performance; aging; ADHD - podcast

Exercise and the impact on cognitive functioning podcast

Exercising with Arthritis podcast

Dealing with the Explosive/Challenging Child podcast

NC Family Law FAQ's

Food: Healthy Foods Kids will Eat

Helping Your Child Make Friends podcast


Gastric bypass - pros & cons

Gay & Lesbian Health

Gender Identity

General Medical and Psychological

Generalized Anxiety Disorder podcast

Coping with Grief & Loss

What Happy Women Know podcast

Health Insurance - comparing plans

Health Insurance - consumer's guide to getting & keeping it


Infants & Toddlers: for families including military, and professionals

Insurance for Kids - low cost or free, by State

Internet Addiction - Information

Children on the internet podcast

Internet Filtering podcast

Kids Health - Kids

Kids Health - Parents

Latino Clinic, Wilmington, NC

Do2Learn: resources for academics, behavior management, disabilities, social skills

Learning Disabilities

Male Sexuality: alternative to ED meds podcast

Stay Happily Married: Anger Management podcast

Stay Happily Married: the effects of marital conflict on your children podcast

Stay Happily Married: how to cope with your child's behavior podcast

Stay Happily Married: creating more intimacy podcast

Stay Happily Married: how to choose a marriage counselor podcast

Stay Happily Married: Will Your Marriage Last Forever? podcast

Stay Happily Married: secrets to great marriages podcast

Medicaid - national listings

Medication: "Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medication for Kids, Revised Edition" Timothy E. Wilens, M.D.

Medication - Consumer Reports

Medication - Free or low cost through drug companies


Memory & Aging

Mental Health Screening (free: agencies, schools, military, public, workplace

Military: After Deployment - assessment, wellness resources, videos, apps on many topics, chat; provider resources

Military Post-Deployment: becoming a couple again

Military Branches & VA - websites

Real Warriors: Information for Active, Guard, Reserve, Families, Vets, and Professionals Crisis line: 800 273 8255 (press 1)

Military deployments - for young children ('Talk, Listen, Connect' by Sesame Street)

Military deployment - support for kids ages 6-17

Military Family Support - links - updated 11/15

Military Personnel & Families - Mental Health Resources online

Vet to Vet: talk, online chat, assessment, resources, support for vets & their family (855 VET TALK/838-8255)

Military: family of a vet 'What's PTSD and What's Just Being a Man' podcast

Military: family of a vet (resources especially for PTSD & TBI)

Military: PTSD information for veterans, families & professionals

Successful Deployment Reunions: 6 rules of thumb

Military: summer camps for kids

"Courage After Fire: coping strategies for troops returning from Iraq & Afghanistan and their families"

Keith Armstrong, Suzanne Best, and Paula Domenici

Military families: quick facts on TBI & PTSD

Mililtary families: helping kids cope with deployment

Military Familes: wounded warrior support across the different services

NC National Guard Family Service Centers

"You and Your Military Hero: building positive thinking skills during your hero's deployment. Adult

guided activities and games for ages 5-12"  Fritz, Jones-Johnson, and Zitzow

Military families: understanding post-deployment stress symptoms in your loved one

PTSD Information for Veterans

Mind Body Medicine - Dr. Bernie Siegel podcast

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings - NC & SC

Natural Approaches to Mental Health Treatment podcast

NC Health Choice

New Hanover Regional Hospital

Non-Drug Approaches to Mental Health

Non Verbal Learning Disability

"The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders" by Sue Thompson

Nutritional Healing

Nutrition: links between behavior, learning & mental health

OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder)

OCD Foundation

OCD & PANDAS? podcast

OCD podcast

Online Psychology Degrees

"The Pocket Parent: Help! What to do when your 2-5 year old has tantrums, bites a friend, keeps

interrupting, uses bad words, won't use the potty, and more...  Hundreds of fast answers"  Reichlin & Winkler

Parenting: is time out really effective podcast

"No More Misbehavin': 38 difficult behaviors and how to stop them - discipline of kids from 3-12"

Michele Borba, Ed.D

"Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs - raising the bar of expectations" Judy Winter

Pastoral Counseling

Peak Performance & Neurofeedback as a form of Treatment - flyer

Perinatal & Postpartum Mood Disorders podcast

Health benefits of pets podcast

Psychological Disorders

PTSD Coach: free app, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android (assess, learn, manage symptoms, find support)

PTSD podcast

Resurrection After Rape podcast

Rape - a man's guide to a woman who has been raped

Rape - a parent's guide to a daughter who has been raped

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD): "Healing Parents: helping wounded children learn to trust & love" by Michael Orlans & Terry Levy

Relaxation: guided imagery - iTunes

Relaxation - guided imagery #2, iTunes

Relaxation: guided imagery #3, iTunes

Relaxation: military insomnia - iTunes

Seizures: video on the different types

Seizures: video on their diagnosis

Seizures: video on their causes

Self-injurious behavior podcast

Sesame Street for Military Families: resources for grown ups

Sexting podcast

Sexual abuse in children

Sibling Rivalry podcast

Single Moms & Dads

Single Parenting podcast


Sleep Disorders

Sleep Hygiene podcast

Living Longer, Living Better - Sleep the forgotten key to health and wellness podcast

Tips for a Great Night's Sleep podcast

Sleeping pills and alternatives podcast

Trouble Sleeping podcast

"Social Skills Comics: Handling Anger in School, ages 7-12" Kiki Cahn & Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

"Social Skills Comics: Handling Anxiety in School, agse 7-12"  Michael Canavan & Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

"Social Skills Comics: Conversational Skills in School, ages 7-12" Michael Canavan & Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

"Social Skills Comics: Learning Self-Control in School, ages 7-12"  Kiki Cahn & Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

"Social Skills Comics for Teens" Elizabeth Bennett

"Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: what every parent should know" Patricia Hamaguchi

Sports Psychology/Peak Performance podcast

SSI Disability - NC

Statistics on Teens: alcohol, driving, drugs, sex

Stress podcast

Stress, depression, anxiety & drug use

Stress: guided imagery podcast

Stroke Basics podcast


National Suicide Prevention Line - Hotline: 800 - 273 - TALK (8255) or 800 - SUICIDE (press '1' for veterans)

Suicide - Child & Teen

Suicide podcast

Suicide podcast, #2

Suicide and Suicide Prevention podcast


TEACCH - Autism spectrum disorders - NC

"Get out of my Life, but first could you drive me & Cheryl to the mall?: a parent's guide to the new teenager" Anthony Wolf, PhD

"Reality Gap: alcohol, drugs and sex - what parents don't know, and teens aren't telling" Stephen Wallace

Teens: all kids drink, right? podcast

Teens: cutting podcast

The Teenage Brain - podcast

Teen Dating

Teenage Depression podcast

Teens: disciplining your teenager podcast

Teens: them's fighting words! podcast

Late Teenage Substance Abuse podcast

Teens: video game addiction podcast

Teen Driving

Teen Health - Wilmington

Teens & heavy use of electronics - NY Times article

The Troubled Teen Industry: wilderness camps podcast

Teen Sexuality podcast

Talking to Teens without blame, guilt or miscommunication podcast

Text to Speech iPhone app - ProLoQuo2Go podcast


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) podcast

Tricare - military health insurance

Unplugging Kids podcast

"Playstation Nation: protect your child from video game addiction" Olivia & Kurt Bruner

Veteran Benefits

Vet Centers (offering care including for the other than honorably discharged)

Veterans: encouraging them to get mental health care (888-823-7458)

Veterans Health Administration - nationwide locator

Veteran Parenting Toolkit: separate guides for new borns through teens

Veterans: talking about war injuries to children & providers; resources

Violence Prevention

Voc. Rehab. - NC

Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: helping children cope with deployment & trauma podcast

Cut the Fat Weight Loss: how to increase your metabolism podcast

Cut the Fat Weight Loss: motivation & achieving your goals podcast

Cut the Fat Weight Loss: 17 Reasons That You Are Not Losing Weight podcast

Cut the Fat Weight Loss: Removing 7 Weight Loss Obstacles podcast

Do Fad Diets Work podcast

Weight Management - National Registry

Women's Issues

Workplace Violence

"Toxic Workplace! managing toxic personalities & their systems of power" by Mitchell Kusy & Elizabeth Holloway

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The following individuals may be available to provide supervision to other psychologists for the Wilmington, NC region.

Name Address

Contact Info

(Preferred Means)

Specialty Areas
Denise Hanson, PsyD

4000 Independence Blvd.

Wilmington, 28412

910 796 7848 Child & adult therapy and testing

Len Lecci, PhD &

William Acree, PsyD

1241-A Military Cutoff Rd.

Wilmington, 28405

910 961 7262

Memory functioning in adults, and therapy for caregivers of patients with dementia

ONLY for UNCW practicum students


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